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What are the longterm effects of circumcision?

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A factor that is rarely considered in the circumcision discussion is its longterm effects.  What happens down the road when the baby becomes a child and then a teen, a man, a husband and father — a citizen of the world?  What comes after circumcision is not a pretty picture.

Where do you think all the yelling and punching and kicking and pushing come from in the only three cultures that circumcise their young (Jewish, English-speaking Christians, Muslims)? The rudeness and lack of empathy? Laughing at the misfortunes of others? Misogyny?  Lack of compassion? Or conversely, timidness, avoidance and withdrawal? Sexual dysfunction and incompatibility with the opposite sex? Preoccupation with sex and violence?

A circumcised child is taught in a nonverbal way that nobody cares about them. No one protects them. They were taught that life on planet earth is not fair, that you’d better just get with the program and not cry, not complain, because nobody’s going to hear you or help you anyway.  Do not expect love. Do not expect kindness. And do not give love or kindness to others, because you were denied them and you don’t have them to give. In fact, rejoice when others are hurt.

I speak from experience. It happened to me.  i am a WASP female, born and raised in Kansas.  FGM used to be big business in the USA.  MGM still is.  Yet I don’t see a big distinction between the two — all children who are circumcised are traumatized… either gender, at any age, wherever they are located on the globe. Circumcision ruins lives.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and have worked with a lot of people on a lot of different forms of trauma. Preverbal, unconscious trauma is the worst form of trauma. Until the mind releases the fear, the person will forever after try to communicate their angst through various means that appear to others to be “irrational”, such as through night terrors, sexual fetishes, violence, sabotaging relationships, etc. They were hurt — and they hurt others.

Circumcision is not based on anything resembling logical, rational, reasonable thought. It induces a state of hypnosis, induced by trauma. Trauma begets trauma — generation after generation. Abuse begets abuse — generation after generation. When abuse is socially sanctioned, then abuse is demanded.  Blood ritual sets up a hunger for blood. Advocating for and performing circumcision are forms of “acting out” the abuse. Guilt compels repetition. And so it is passed on. Much healing is needed.

African model and author Waris Dirie says: “Female Genital mutilation has nothing to do with culture, tradition or religion. It is torture and a crime.” She is right, yet I say the same is true of male circumcision.

There is no demand from God for circumcision in the original story of Abraham — read The book of J. Circumcision is not from God, but from man. Jewish scholars know this. Jesus, who understood Judaism well, said, “Moses gave you circumcision (though actually it did not come from Moses, but from the patriarchs).”

Who would cut a child’s healthy genitals if was not already an established practice?  No one.  No one would cut any child’s genitals.  If a doctor or other authority figure was to suggest it, loving parents would take their child into their arms and run as fast and as far as they could in the opposite direction.

Those who advocate circumcision suffer from Munchausen Syndrome… for profit. They are advocating unnecessary harm to healthy genital tissue. And that harm is not limited to the body; it also affects the mind.

Circumcision is, in short, child abuse.

Patricia has now made a website for information about simple yet very effective methods of releasing fear and trauma, as well as a community forum designed for peer support and coaching from professional helpers. So if you were cut or know anyone else who has been, or know a vet or someone with depression — please tell everyone. You can find it all at

Care & protection of intact children

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Protect your child from crude, rude, rough hands, knives & ignorant, harmful, intrusive practices…

Raising Intact Sons: Basic Care of the Intact Child — author unknown, posted at peaceful parenting*

Only Clean What is Seen: Reversing the Epidemic of Forced Retraction by John V. Geisheker, JD, LLM & John W. Travis, MD, MPH at DOC posted at peaceful parenting*

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision— an excellent book by Paul Fleiss, MD and Frederick Hodges

UTI Testing on Boys: DO NOT RETRACT! by Dr. Momma at peaceful parenting*

How the Foreskin Protects Against UTI from NOCIRC and peaceful parenting*

The Functions of the Foreskin by Dr. Christopher Cold, M.D. and Dr. John Taylor, M.D. at peaceful parenting*

Questions Regarding Normal Separation of the Prepuce from reader MCatLvrMom2A&X at Mothering, the magazine

Forced Retraction? Now What? by Dr. Momma at peaceful parenting*

Doctors Opposing Circumcision (DOC) Statement for Physicians and Nurses on Forced Retraction

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC) publication on care of the intact penis. Print this out and deliver it to your healthcare professionals to prevent forced retraction.

Phony Phimosis Diagnosis by Jennifer Colas at peaceful parenting*

Painful Urination During Prepuce Separation by Jennifer Colas at peaceful parenting*

Forced foreskin retraction is improper medicine. Please Report any medical professionals who forcibly retract your intact child’s foreskin to DOC – Doctors Opposed to Circumcision.

Medicine or Munchausen Syndrome?

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Munchausen Syndrome is what they call it when patients lie or exaggerate to get medical attention. People lie to get attention, drugs and even surgery.  It’s well documented.  Some people are simply groupies… they need attention and suck time and energy out of doctors and nurses.  Some are addicted to drugs and/or cutting.

There are variations on the Munchausen theme.  People who lie about other people’s need for medical attention suffer from Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

Parents have been known to drag their healthy children to doctors’ offices for imagined ailments. They have also been known to carry their deliberately injured children into doctors’ offices and hospitals, having created the “need” for medical attention — by poisons, beatings, etc, all the while feigning innocence and calling the injuries, accidents or the fault of the child.

Munchausen by Proxy involves a victim & perpetrator. Therefore, it is a crime.  Perpetrators have been tried in court and punished by law.

Doctors and nurses fabricate excuses for medical care as well. They sometimes create emergencies for patients so they can deliver emergency and/or unnecessary drugs and treatments.  This too is a form of Munchausen by Proxy.

Circumcision is a very clear example of Munchausen by Proxy forced on parents by medical doctors. Circumcision is rarely medically necessary.  If parents insisted, an honest medical doctor would say, “I cannot cut your child’s healthy genital tissue — that would be against medical ethics and the law.”

Only one man in 10,000 is circumcised in Europe due to medical necessity. Most circumcisions in the USA are frivolous, unnecessary surgery performed on a healthy genital tissue, merely for financial gain. Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

When a child is circumcised for no valid medical reason, it is child abuse, a crime.

Adults have also gone to surgery and come out minus healthy genital tissue.  One woman went in for a routine procedure on her cervix, was given general anesthesia instead of a local, and was shocked to discover later that she had lost her clitoris.

One man went in for an ear problem and came out without his foreskin. A personal friend went to the hospital for an appendectomy and came out circumcised. Another was punished in a residential school for masturbation — with circumcision.  These genital alterations were unnecessary and are lies, exaggerations, of sorts.

The Female Genital Mutilation act of 1996 was pushed through Congress due to the insistence of a woman who lost her clitoris under anesthesia for an unrelated surgery. She sued her ex-husband (a medical doctor) because he had conspired with her surgeon to circumcise her while she was under anesthesia for an unrelated surgery. In this case the doctor claimed it would increase her interest in sex. She sued her ex, she said, so that women could stand up against all forms of rape.

That’s what it is,” she said, “surgical rape! When my body parts were cut off and thrown away. If it had been done on a back street or in an alley, he’d be in jail. But because it was done in an operating room, I’m supposed to be grateful?

Genital cutting without legitimate medical need and without the clear consent of the patient, is a crime. Yet to this day, children born with “too large” or “too small” genitals are subjected to unnecessary genital surgery due to the selfish and neurotic concerns of doctors and parents.

Pit to distress is another example of Munchausen by Proxy.  The mother is intentionally overdosed on pitocin, an induction drug, until her condition becomes life-threatening. Then the doctor declares that a cesarean section is required to save her life.  This is a form of Munchausen by Proxy, medical abuse, a crime.

The medical field has established itself as lawmaker, policeman, judge, jury and enforcer of medical standards.  It is blind to its own problems. It is inbred and corrupt. What the system declares to be the “standard of care” is allowed, even when that standard is unwise and deadly to patients. The maternal mortality rate in the US is soaring, along with the cesarean section rate. Is the cesarean “standard of care” murdering mothers?

Much like errant priests who abuse children, doctors who abuse patients have their wrists slapped but are allowed to move on to another city and state and practice medicine again.

It would be good to have a citizens’ board to oversee every medical board so that patients would have protection from unnecessary, abusive medical procedures.

Medicine or religion?

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Catholic clerics have their hands slapped for touching children’s genitals. Why not doctors? Isn’t it time medicine had its turn in the spotlight? What does it do with children’s bodies?

Think about it. Medicine is a religion of sorts. It has usurped religions’s bloody game of “cut the foreskin off the baby”.

Recently, the AAP proposed that it take care of the female genital mutilation requirement for some foreigners by performing a ritual “nick” on little girls.

Doctors are priests of yet another pagan god. They call it “science” but what American doctors do to children is an embarrassment and a disgrace to science; circumcision is no more evidence-based than a talking bush.

Medicine is a business. We are learning daily how common corruption is in business.  We have learned that “research” is often paid for by the vested interests that benefit from the studies they fund — such as pharmaceutical and food companies that make and sell the very products that are being studied. Supposedly neutral agencies profit handsomely from their recommendations to the public. Forged reports show up in medical journals and become “gospel” — the word of God.

In fact, in the case of the genital mutilation of children, we find that upon careful scrutiny, studies that pass for “research” are as holey — full of holes — as the claim that circumcision was a sacred deal struck between God and Abraham (see the glaring absence of the “circumcision covenant” in The Book of J) — or that priests and nuns are blessing children with their “holy” sexual advances.

Children forced into their parents’ religions usually reject them.  Children, forced into the medical system and traumatized by it, often do the same.

What awful things adult professionals do to children! If children had a voice, they would vote, “No!” on birth induction, on mothers laying on their backs to give birth, “No!” on circumcision, on bottle feeding, on the routine Nurse Ratched puts them through — tube down the throat, stomach pump, bright light shined into their brand new virgin eyes, heel prick, vitamin K shot, cold scales… If only those children could retaliate, they surely would… and — guess what! — they will.

“What is done to children, they will do to society.”
– Karl Menninger, MD

Children act out what was done to them. Medical personnel are shooting in the dark, operating under the auspices of personal fixations, rationalizing obsessions, justifying compulsions, passing down societal memes, myths, superstitions and old wives tales, worshipping with a knife, sacrificing children’s healthy genital tissue.

“Children don’t feel pain.”
“They won’t remember.”
“They will be grateful.”

Oh, I could say so much more, but I will stop now — except for this —

Parents, protect your children, please! And — hey! — give medicine its time in the spotlight. Doctors have mutilated far more children than priests have molested.

Dear doctor… a rant

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For some reason intelligent American doctors and nurses seem to guard their ignorance when it comes to foreskin. Yet some are well aware, even as they dutifully try to sell the parents on circumcision, that circumcision is a bad idea. Parents report that after medical personnel are clear the sale is lost, they secretly congratulate them for protecting their child from unnecessary cutting.

But too often, medical personnel appear to view healthy, intact genitals as a birth defect and in need of emergency cosmetic alteration.

After forced premature retraction, any “need” for additional medical attention is due to iatrogenically cauused (doctor caused) injury and can be taken to court.

“Above all, do not harm the patient.”
– Hippocrates

Docs and nurses, please keep your hands and knives to yourselves.  No wise and caring person would hurt a child. They would neither retract nor cut the foreskin unless it is obviously diseased.

Sorry, priests and nuns of the medical world, but unless there is obvious pathology present, touching children’s genitals is not ok — not even for professionals.  It’s just plain wrong, unwise, intrusive, rude, unprofessional and skanky.

Does a medical license makes it ok for an MD to touch children in a way that harms them?  To put your fingers in every crevice and orifice of any body that shows up in your office? To go where no one has ever gone before?

I have “visceral” memories — revulsions — that make me think an MD examined me “internally” when I was young — maybe for the circumcision — maybe for the “bladder” that he told my mother was “very small” — Grrr!!!!

I didn’t want any doctor near my body after that, especially not near my private parts.  That behavior cost medicine a customer.

And I think it has cost medicine millions of male clients who avoid doctors are all costs until they are literally dying.  It is no wonder that men resist going to see a doctor. Circumcision is “penny wise and pound foolish”. For a quick profit, doctors have alienated a rather large population, potential client base.

Men do not like to hear, “I can do something about that for you.” They don’t want to be told that they are irrational if they regret being circumcised. Please get clear that it is very extreme abuse to cut anyone’s genitals.  Babies are complaining all the while.  Men who complain are merely informing you that they didn’t like it then and they don’t like it now.

Dear doctor:  circumcision is abuse. What more can we say?

Manhandling childrens’ foreskins

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Doctors Opposing Circumcision reports an epidemic of forced foreskin retraction. What is forced retraction?  It is when adults push the immature prepuce (foreskin) off the glans to break the natural connection. It is akin to tearing a fingernail off the finger.

Forced foreskin retraction is violence to the body. It hurts babies and ofttimes leads to an unwanted circumcision — which would have been forever unnecessary had the foreskin been left alone and the owner — the child himself –allowed to retract his foreskin at his own level of comfort and interest.

Who taught doctors all over America it was ok to manipulate children’s foreskins — and why?

How is it that doctors and nurses can’t seem to keep their hands off babies’ penises? How kinky is that? Parents say,

To me, it seems just as abusive as the doctor using a finger to break my daughter’s hymen or something. OUCH!!!

Yes! It would be exactly the same! I feel it’s the equivalent. My intact husband said that him and some of his uncircumcised friends had pain their first times having sex and some even said they bled–sounds similar to a hymen breaking, right?

Why the fixation on children’s genitals?  Do we need to be screening people for fetishes before they become doctors or nurses? More mothers comment…

How would a parent not notice a doctor touching their child’s genitals?… Is that common practice?… Because it’s kinda gross.

That is sexual abuse, black and white fact.

This untoward behavior of doctors and nurses is no less egregious than the acts Catholic priests have committed with children.

Circumcision is child abuse

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Thank you for this video!

Patricia has now made a website for information about simple yet very effective methods of releasing fear and trauma, as well as a community forum designed for peer support and coaching from professional helpers. So if you were cut or know anyone else who has been, or know a vet or someone with depression — please tell everyone. You can find it all at

They just can’t keep their hands off…

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There are words for people who can’t keep their hands off children’s genitals.  I won’t use them here, but you know the words they sling at naughty Catholic priests. But Catholic priests aren’t the only ones who seem to be obsessed with babies’ genitals. There are also mohels (ritual circumcisers) and

A secondary threat to genital integrity

After all the energy and care expended by parents who have kindly protected their babies against genital cutting, the very ones who have wisely chosen to not subject their children to unnecessary pain and shock, pain and trauma — these parents are finding they cannot let their guard down around medical personnel — even when their boys are being seen for issues unrelated to their genitals.

They thought they could breathe easy once they got their child out of the hospital with his body intact.  Unfortunately, there is a secondary threat to the genital integrity of intact children.

Intact boys are being injured by medical personnel due to forced premature foreskin retraction. Due to the problems caused by premature retraction, parents are subsequently railroaded into circumcision.

Forced retraction rips the foreskin from the glans like a fingernail from the fingertip. Forced retraction causes immediate and continued pain, discomfort and problems.

This unnecessary and harmful act opens the area to bacteria — now there is a risk of the child developing infections and unnatural adhesions. Parents are instructed to retract the foreskin daily — an uncomfortable, painful situation for both the child and his parents.

An infant penis is still growing & developing

Nature is not finished with its masterpiece when the baby is born. Many changes occur after birth. As with many bodily systems, details are still being worked out. It takes years for bodies to mature.

Circumcision “experts” however (who are typically — ironically — without foreskins) have decided that a prepuce must retract before a certain age or they have to “do” something about it ( aka, cut it off!!). They call this malady, “phimosis”. Doctors use the insurance billing code for “phimosis” to justify circumcision of newborns as a “medical necessity”.

The catch is, it is impossible to diagnose true phimosis until the boy is fully grown. But doctors are impatient, demanding. Three years is usually their outer limit. Why? Because of the lack of legitimate evidence-based medicine. They just hold that as the standard because someone, sometime decided three years was the limit. Nature has its own timetable. Nature is patient but doctors are not; they push the envelope and harm the child.

Tell me, please — why do adults even bother their pretty little heads about children’s genitals? Why not just leave them alone?

The connective tissue is essential for full development

The natural glans and foreskin are not fused at birth “just because”. The connection between glans and prepuce contains important nerve and blood supplies that support growth until all structures are complete. Connection will be released naturally when its usefulness is over.

In most routine infant circumcisions, the doctor separates the skin from the glans with a blunt instrument. In a ritual circumcision, the mohel’s fingernail is used. Left alone, the natural glans is smooth and shiny. Forced separation of glans and prepuce can cause pitting and bumps on the surface of the glans.

Two mothers’ accounts

When proud parents take their perfect child with his intact (not circumcised) pristine prepuce to a pediatrician, they often find to their dismay that the doctor or nurse will suddenly pull the prepuce back, ripping it from the glans, even before the parents can say or do anything to stop it.

The baby screams and cries.  There is blood — if not immediately, then later, in the diaper.

That happened to my oldest son when he was a couple months old. He was sick (high fever, etc) and I was a new mom and worried and so I took him to the ER. I don’t understand why he was given a full body exam when he was brought in for flu-type symptoms. The doctor on call forcefully retracted his foreskin. He did it so quickly I didn’t have a chance to tell him not to! My poor baby was screaming and inconsolable for about 12 hours afterward and when we got him home, his diaper was bloody.

This happened to my son in the hospital at 2 months when he had his urinary tract infection. They had the urologist come in and I swear to God I turned around for a second and this a-hole is retracting my boy. My husband was there, but he had no idea you weren’t supposed to do that. I fought with the nurse, and the pediatrician on call when they told me you were supposed to do that regularly. My awesome family doctor wasn’t present at that time, but he didn’t have his grown boys circumcised. He made sure to remind us to never let that happen again. I have never been so sick to my stomach. I crawled into the hospital cot and just cried myself to sleep. It’s still a sore subject for me, sends chills down my spine, even nearly a year later.

Protect babies

Parents, please protect your babies from doctors knives and hands. Don’t let anyone touch your child’s penis unless he is very clear on the concept that foreskins belong to their owners and that they are to be left alone unless they are injured or diseased. Forced retraction injures the foreskin. It causes what they call an iatrogenic (doctor-caused) problem, requiring sometimes an unwanted circumcision.

Ask (tell)l doctors and nurses not to force the foreskin back. If they insist on touching, fire them and find a doctor who understands the importance of protecting the foreskin from human interference.

If a doctor or nurse has caused damage to your son’s foreskin, call a foreskin-friendly attorney or one of the organizations listed under Resources.

Hospitals and doctors reap layers of profit from that skin. Did you know there is a bounty on your child’s healthy foreskin tissue? More on that later.

Guest speaker – Kraft the Heathen

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Circumcision is child abuse…

Patricia has now made a website for information about simple yet very effective methods of releasing fear and trauma, as well as a community forum designed for peer support and coaching from professional helpers. So if you were cut or know anyone else who has been, or know a vet or someone with depression — please tell everyone. You can find it all at

By any other name…

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How powerful human conditioning is.

Americans cringe to hear the term Female Genital Mutilation because they are inspired by great protective urges when it comes to soft little, sweet little, sugar and spice and everything nice, pink-clad baby girls. They feel strongly that anyone who cuts a girl’s healthy genital tissue, is guilty of a heinous crime.

The same people often cringe to hear the term Male Genital Mutilation because they have somehow been convinced that it is quite alright to cut the healthy genital tissue of the salty, snakes and snails version of humanity that wears blue. After all, it is called “circumcision”, not Male Genital Mutilation.

What if all babies were dressed in yellow and were not labeled by gender?

Who then would vote for Genital Mutilation? Would you? Why or why not?

If the word mutilation makes you feel uncomfortable, surf through these photos of the results of some circumcisions. Mutilation?  Every circumcised penis has a scar.  Every circumcised penis has lost valuable function.  Every circumcised person has been traumatized.  PTSD is a gift that keeps on giving.  Don’t pass it on… outlaw it instead.

Playing Russian roulette with a baby’s penis

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This is one the AMA, ACOG and AAP don’t want you to know about.  The advertised complication rate of circumcision is very low, due to the data collection method.  To avoid negative statistics, as soon as the procedure is over, unfortunate outcomes are no longer attributed to circumcision.

In my town, a friend reports that recently circumcised babies are frequently seen in the emergency clinic where she works due to excessive bleeding and infections.  These problems arise soon after circumcision — the next day or week — but they are not counted in the circumcision complication tally.

Not even the circumcising doctor is informed about the baby’s emergency treatment. Consequently, doctors without accurate feedback continue to make the same mistakes, especially when the baby is circumcised after birth in the hospital by an OB/GYN whose work is over once the mother and child are discharged from the hospital.  The child’s pediatrician would, of course, see the outcome of his work for years to come.

One particularly slow-developing but well-documented complication of circumcision is meatal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the urinary opening due to the exposure of an open wound to urine and feces in the diaper.  Meatal stenosis is very painful and occurs in nine to ten percent (9-10%) of all boys who have been circumcised — and only boys who have been circumcised.  Why does this factor not shut down the circumcision industry altogether?

Meatal stenosis is an example of “evidence-based medicine” which is ignored by the medical system.  The circumcision industry operates under a mix of personal fixations, obsessions, compulsions, societal myths, tribal taboos, superstitions and old wives tales.

Hawa Patel found a high incidence of complications, mainly minor, (35 hemorrhages, 31 meatal ulcers, 8 infections, 8 meatal stenoses, 1 phimosis) among 100 babies circumcised at one hospital in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Parents were — and still are — allowed to ask doctors to cut their babies’ genitals for frivolous, non-medical reasons. The reasons given for the operations Patel studied were overwhelmingly “preventative” (aka fear-based), such as:  to avoid the psychological trauma of later operations for infection, phimosis and “troubles” (40%), cleanliness (11%).   The remaining cases were for social and other non-medical reasons.  See Table III in Patel’s report.  Attitudes of parents and physicians regarding circumcision varied from firm belief in its value to a casual approach.

When is medicine going to come of age?  It circumcises not because cutting babies’ genitals is medically sound but because it wants to and it can… In this case, medicine is in the mode of a petulant child.  Money is a powerful motivator.

Good luck, little baby.  Medicine is playing Russian roulette with your penis.