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Medicine or religion?

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Catholic clerics have their hands slapped for touching children’s genitals. Why not doctors? Isn’t it time medicine had its turn in the spotlight? What does it do with children’s bodies?

Think about it. Medicine is a religion of sorts. It has usurped religions’s bloody game of “cut the foreskin off the baby”.

Recently, the AAP proposed that it take care of the female genital mutilation requirement for some foreigners by performing a ritual “nick” on little girls.

Doctors are priests of yet another pagan god. They call it “science” but what American doctors do to children is an embarrassment and a disgrace to science; circumcision is no more evidence-based than a talking bush.

Medicine is a business. We are learning daily how common corruption is in business.  We have learned that “research” is often paid for by the vested interests that benefit from the studies they fund — such as pharmaceutical and food companies that make and sell the very products that are being studied. Supposedly neutral agencies profit handsomely from their recommendations to the public. Forged reports show up in medical journals and become “gospel” — the word of God.

In fact, in the case of the genital mutilation of children, we find that upon careful scrutiny, studies that pass for “research” are as holey — full of holes — as the claim that circumcision was a sacred deal struck between God and Abraham (see the glaring absence of the “circumcision covenant” in The Book of J) — or that priests and nuns are blessing children with their “holy” sexual advances.

Children forced into their parents’ religions usually reject them.  Children, forced into the medical system and traumatized by it, often do the same.

What awful things adult professionals do to children! If children had a voice, they would vote, “No!” on birth induction, on mothers laying on their backs to give birth, “No!” on circumcision, on bottle feeding, on the routine Nurse Ratched puts them through — tube down the throat, stomach pump, bright light shined into their brand new virgin eyes, heel prick, vitamin K shot, cold scales… If only those children could retaliate, they surely would… and — guess what! — they will.

“What is done to children, they will do to society.”
– Karl Menninger, MD

Children act out what was done to them. Medical personnel are shooting in the dark, operating under the auspices of personal fixations, rationalizing obsessions, justifying compulsions, passing down societal memes, myths, superstitions and old wives tales, worshipping with a knife, sacrificing children’s healthy genital tissue.

“Children don’t feel pain.”
“They won’t remember.”
“They will be grateful.”

Oh, I could say so much more, but I will stop now — except for this —

Parents, protect your children, please! And — hey! — give medicine its time in the spotlight. Doctors have mutilated far more children than priests have molested.

By any other name…

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How powerful human conditioning is.

Americans cringe to hear the term Female Genital Mutilation because they are inspired by great protective urges when it comes to soft little, sweet little, sugar and spice and everything nice, pink-clad baby girls. They feel strongly that anyone who cuts a girl’s healthy genital tissue, is guilty of a heinous crime.

The same people often cringe to hear the term Male Genital Mutilation because they have somehow been convinced that it is quite alright to cut the healthy genital tissue of the salty, snakes and snails version of humanity that wears blue. After all, it is called “circumcision”, not Male Genital Mutilation.

What if all babies were dressed in yellow and were not labeled by gender?

Who then would vote for Genital Mutilation? Would you? Why or why not?

If the word mutilation makes you feel uncomfortable, surf through these photos of the results of some circumcisions. Mutilation?  Every circumcised penis has a scar.  Every circumcised penis has lost valuable function.  Every circumcised person has been traumatized.  PTSD is a gift that keeps on giving.  Don’t pass it on… outlaw it instead.

Petition re: Unconsented Genital Normalizing Surgeries at Weill Cornell

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To: President Skorton, Mr. Sanford Weill, Trustees, and Benefactors of Cornell University

It is with the utmost urgency that we write you today, as members of the Cornell family, to address medical research practices that raise serious informed consent concerns at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. Specifically, we are greatly disturbed to learn of the nerve sparing ventral clitoroplasty surgeries and on-going follow-up examinations being performed by pediatric urologist Dr. Phillip Poppas. Our concerns are six-part:

(1) The children undergoing these procedures are unable to consent to the attempted “genital normalizing” procedure(s);

(2) The extensive and invasive follow-up examinations performed by Dr. Poppas–during which Dr. Poppas performs “clitoral sensory testing” involving repeated attempts to stimulate the child’s genitals while asking her invasive questions pertaining to her sensitivity to either his hand, a cotton-tip applicator, or a “vibratory device”–pose potentially serious psychological harm to children. Examinations like those described above unnecessarily hyper-sexualize children at both emotionally and physically sensitive periods of development and stand to potentially instill feelings of shame and dread towards their genitals;

(3) That by permitting, and as a result condoning, Dr. Poppas’ “research” Cornell as an institution has assented and taken a stand in support of the practice of Female Genital Cutting (also known as Female Genital Mutilation) which not only undermines the bodily and sexual autonomy of female-bodied persons operated upon but also that of female-bodied members of the Cornell community and female-bodied persons worldwide;

(4) That by allowing Dr. Poppas to continue performing the above mentioned surgical procedures and follow-up examinations Cornell has put itself at odds with World Health Assembly resolution WHA61.16, a resolution to end the practice of Female Genital Mutilation worldwide, as well as resolutions and institutional commitments by UNICEF, the Intersex Society of North America, the Valencia Declaration of Sexual Rights, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other human rights, patient advocates, and women’s groups worldwide;

(5) That by continuing to allow Dr. Poppas to perform the above mentioned “genital normalizing” procedures and follow-up examinations Cornell, as an institution, has de facto taken a stand in support of the continued subjugation of bodily difference generally and the pathologization of female genital difference specifically;

(6) That by in effect promoting the views of Dr. Poppas–that female genital difference necessitates immediate surgical intervention even when such intervention poses emotional and physical harms to the child including but not limited to loss of sexual desire and function later in life and assorted forms of long-lasting psychological trauma–Cornell no longer truly embraces its long treasured commitment as a diversity embracing and affirming institution that our namesake, Ezra Cornell, captured in our motto’s line “any person” and that is reaffirmed in the university’s “Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds” statement that reminds us all as Cornellians of the ethical responsibilities that necessarily constrain our research and scholarship, our commitment to maintain a community that is open and affirming to all persons, as well as our commitment to both embracing and serving those persons that have been historically marginalized and maligned;

There are many conditions of atypical sexual development that are indeed associated with significant health issues and should be medically treated; however, performing clitoroplasty and surgically reconstructing enlarged clitorises to alter their cosmetic appearance does not in any capacity change or alleviate the underlying medical needs of the persons in these cases. While we collectively realize the sensitivity of this matter, and further realize that often times parents of these children pursue the aforementioned course of treatment out of fear that their children will, without such treatment, suffer psychologically and developmentally if their peers become aware of their atypical genitalia, we respectfully request that Cornell as an institution take a stand against performing “genital normalizing” surgeries on infant and young children that are incapable of providing actual consent to undergo such operations and are not yet developmentally able to fully comprehend the risks–physical and emotional–associated with such surgeries. As advocated by the Intersex Society of North American, surgeries performed to make genitals appear “more normal” should not be performed until a child is mature enough to give informed consent him or herself.

At the moment, our immediate concern is to cease and desist the follow-up examinations/evaluations Dr. Poppas and staff are conducting on the patients involved in his research that are performed and/or funded at Weill Cornell. The methods of evaluation used are exactly what the Intersex Society of North America means when they discuss the trauma and shame many of these children will experience, associated with secrecy, repeated exposure and prodding and touching of intimate parts of their bodies, and often feeling the distinct sense that something is wrong with them. This is also exactly what is mentioned in the “Consensus Statement on Management of Intersex Disorders” published in Pediatrics in 2006 as a new standard of care for physicians, advocating that “genital exams and medical photography should be limited; and care should be more focussed on addressing stigma not solely gender assignment and genital appearance”.

We, as members of the Cornell community, want nothing less than to uphold the integrity that Cornell has developed for itself over the years, while concurrently upholding human integrity and principles of consent in the university’s medical and research endeavors. At this time we respectfully request that effective immediately:

• Dr. Poppas be ordered to no longer perform genital “normalizing” procedures on children that are unable, themselves, to consent to such procedures.

• If and when such procedures do occur at Weill, follow-up examinations not be attended by more than necessary physicians and nurses and at maximum two students. We also ask that before every follow-up examination that physicians ask the child whether it is okay if the examination occurs at all and further whether it is okay if students are present. We further ask that Weill Cornell adopt a policy that if the child does not consent to the presence of additional persons at post-op examinations, but the child’s parents do consent, that the child’s preferences are followed.

• Parents considering assenting to their child undergoing such surgeries be fully informed of the physical and emotional risks associated with the procedures as well as fully informed of the prevalence of atypical genitalia in the American population and the fact that “normalizing procedures,” if desired by the child later in life, can be performed at that time.

• Urologists and other specialists that work directly with patients and families of patients with atypical genitalia and/or other intersex conditions be trained to provide patients and families of patients information on intersex conditions generally and be given contact information for intersex support and advocacy groups so that they can make an informed decision when considering genital “normalizing” procedures.

The ethics and shared values that guide Cornellians, as a community and as an institution, must be upheld. In bringing this matter to stark light, we implore upon you to take swift action. If nothing immediate is done to protect what is left of the bodily and psychological integrity of the patients involved in the above mentioned study, it would be a loss of integrity for Cornell as a whole and a sad day for us all.

At this time we as a community composed of past and present students, staff, family, and friends of Cornellians from all schools and campuses word-wide are prepared to take whatever further action necessary to end the practice of nerve sparing ventral clitoroplasty surgery at Weill Cornell as well as the above described follow-up examinations when such are performed without the consent of the child patient. Our commitment to the university and our pride as Cornellians has guided us at this time to communicate directly with the administration, Mr. Weill, the trustees, and the university’s benefactors as we believe that once brought to your attention that our shared values and commitment to our community will guide you to take a stand against the reprehensible and socially inimical practices associated with Dr. Poppas’ research. While our first step to has been to attempt to collaboratively work together with the administration to quietly and swiftly address the above delineated concerns, we wish at this time to advise you that if our concerns are not addressed in a timely fashion that a more public and far less reserved response will be undertaken. Though Cornell is, as it will always be, close to our minds and hearts, we will not let our loyalties to Cornell blind us to practices endorsed and funded by the university that undermine our community’s values and commitments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It will make the world of difference.

The Undersigned