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What do Winnie-the-Pooh, John the Baptist, tonsils, appendix and foreskin have in common?

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What do Winnie the Pooh and John the Baptist have in common? (See footnote 1.)

What do the tonsils and appendix have in common? Cutting both tonsils and appendixes out of children was high fashion in the 1950’s and 1960’s. If a child had a history of too many sore throats, tonsils and adenoids were removed. If a child had a sore abdomen, the appendix was removed. “If in doubt, cut it out.” Tonsils and appendixes usually were removed because they were considered to be diseased. Sometimes, however, they were removed to prevent them from becoming diseased. People figured nature had made a careless error when adding tonsils and appendix to an otherwise brilliant machine.

Then it was discovered that the tonsils and appendix have important functions. It was discovered that they contribute to the valuable human immune system. A huge number of children who are now adults lost important parts of their bodies due to lack of knowledge and wisdom on the part of the medical profession. Tonsils and appendixes are now removed only in severe medical conditions.

Nature was vindicated. Fashion changed and American doctors no longer routinely performed tonsillectomies and appendectomies. Good riddance!.

In the Victorian age, when puritanical values ruled, people thought it was risqué to show an ankle and pornography was hard to come by. No good American dared to speak of the penis or its foreskin except in hushed tones to a medical doctor. Doctors claimed they had found the solution to masturbation. They then declared that masturbation was the cause of a plethora of diseases. They began a war on male and female genitalia – healthy genitalia.

In 1888, John Harvey Kellogg, M.D., inventor of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, wrote in his Treatment for Self-Abuse and its Effects:

A remedy [for masturbation] which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision… the operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering an anesthetic, as the brief pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind, especially if it be connected with the idea of punishment, as it may well be in some cases. The soreness which continues for several weeks interrupts the practice [masturbation], and if it had not previously become so firmly fixed, it may be forgotten and not resumed. If any attempt is made to watch the child, he should be so carefully surrounded by vigilance that he cannot possibly transgress without detection. If he is only partially watched, he soon learns to elude observation, and thus the effect is only to make him more cunning in his vice. (See footnote 2.)

In short, “Let’s discourage masturbation/pleasure with pain.” Circumcision has been a cruel and unsuccessful experiment. We now know full well that it didn’t work. One survey shows that men without foreskins masturbate more frequently and participate in more dangerous sexual activities (oral and anal) than those with foreskins. And yet both the good Doctor Kellogg’s cruel circumcision recommendation – and breakfast cereal – “stuck” in the public’s mind.

After the fear of masturbation became a less compelling reason to cut children’s private parts, the medical industry would still not let go of the practice, as it was so profitable. Since Kellogg’s time, claim after claim, excuse after excuse has contributed to holding the circumcision door open, In the 1970’s nearly every boy in America lost his foreskin. Unfortunately, most trusting American parents are glued to the “circumcision is good for you” sales pitch. They think of circumcision as a surgical panacea for what ails you. In truth, each and every attempt to justify the routine circumcision of infants has been disproved and discarded. Still, they test the waters, blaming every possible physical, mental and emotional aberration on genitals as nature made them.

Doctors continue to circumcise little babies for a few main reasons:

  • They are business people who have bills to pay and circumcision is a quick, easy buck.
  • They have not yet been educated in the important functions of the foreskin.
  • They haven’t yet realized their legal liability. The American Medical Association (AMA) has warned its members to “take the high road of ethics,” but it has not yet been specific enough to warn them of the dangers of this simple, profitable, profoundly abusive procedure.
  • They have not listened to their patients (the babies) or their own hearts, as they scream, “No!” at the top of their lungs.

Tonsils and appendices were finally determined to have important immune system functions, so they are now usually spared the knife. But foreskins are still routinely removed, even though they are healthy human tissue. Studies by Taylor and Cold reveal that the foreskin too, provides important immune system functions. Perhaps there’s hope for the foreskin yet.

In the meanwhile, parents might want to practice saying, “Thank you, but no thank you,” to all their friends, family members and medical personnel. And once the foreskin has been saved from the human tissue sales industry, explain to the doctor that it’s not ok to retract the foreskin – Let Junior do that for himself, in his own time. Explain kindly that foreskin retraction is malpractice and should be pursued as such if the M.D. or nurse manages to do the deed. What is it about these people and babies’ genitals?



1. What do Winnie the Pooh and John the Baptist have in common? They have the same middle name.

2. Kellogg, John Harvey. Plain Facts for old and young: Embracing the natural history and hygiene of organic life. I.F. Senger & Co., Burlington, Iowa, 1891, p.111.

Patricia Robinett and Rich Winkel on The People’s Voice TV

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Circumcision Hurts Children

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A free chapter from my book

Please let me know what you think in the Comments section.

Humor? Or just how it is?

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PR team discussing circumcision

BBC show “Mischief: Circumcise Me?”

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Mischief: Circumcise Me? from Michael Ogden on Vimeo.

Protected: A vivid memory of his circumcision

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Women discuss sex & circumcision

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Doesn’t sound like a long, hard debate but common sense…

Don’t do to anyone else what you wouldn’t want for yourself… One woman said, “i wouldn’t want to be circumcised.” AMEN… end of debate.

Circumcised as an adult…

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“When I got circumcised at age 27, I lost 40 to 50% sensation. Now I have to put most of my mind into it instead of feeling anything.”

Remember, men can restore!

FGM & circumcision in the USA

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The Rape of Innocence:
Female genital mutilation & circumcision in the USA

Most people do not know that in the 1800s, the masturbation theory of disease was in vogue and consequently, childhood masturbation was severely discouraged. Children were outfitted with medical devices to prevent them from “touching themselves”.

Doctors, not content with restraining children, cut parts of their genitals off. The theory was, that without the exquisite sensation the very richly innervated preputial flesh offered, children would no longer have an urge to touch themselves.

The theory didn’t work, for even if the really good feelings were gone, the body’s hormones drive humans — and all creatures large and small — to reproduce and to use the reproductive organs, even if they have been surgically altered.

The “touching yourself is taboo” slid into the 20th century and circumcision and clitoridectomy were both big business in the USA. Male circumcision still is.

My parents jumped on the clitoridectomy bandwagon and I learned from the experience that circumcision can not only ruin a body, it can also ruin a life. It can throw a child into fear and dread, anxiety, anger and depression. I was suicidal from age five or seven, at least until age 26.  I had night terrors until I was 54. Losing the body parts important for sexual satisfaction, I never bonded with a man and I never had a family.

Mine is only one story in many millions. “All the lonely people… where have they all come from?”

I guess it is not surprising that I feel very passionately about the subject of circumcision, human rights, health, healing and miracles. It is no surprise that I want to do all I can to protect children from adults who wield sharp knives.

Learn more.  Please buy my book or the ebook. Tell others too. The Rape of Innocence makes a good case for the end of circumcision of both males and females. No one should have to endure it.

Children need to be protected from knives, myths, superstitions, sales pitches, tissue pirates, fear, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Since children cannot speak for themselves, they rely on us adults to speak for them. Please help make this travesty, history. .


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Patricia made a website about simple ways to release fear and trauma. You can find it at

The History of FGM & Sexual Repression in the West

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by Jay Kaplon

Samuel-Autuste Tissot was a Swiss physician of the 18th century. He is perhaps the first to use “science” as a method of speaking out against masturbation and sexual desire, but surely the most influential for later generations. Today he’s more known for his works on migraines, but was also a prolific doctor who wrote on different diseases between the poor and rich, and also the “effects” of sex.

His main work against sexual desires is L’Onanisme. In it, he claims to have proven masturbation as a cause of both temporary and permanent effects including blurred vision and eventual blindness, gout, headaches, perception and memory loss and eventual madness or dementia, even muscle and nerve damage. His works against sex were so influential it would shape movements and views even to this day.

Sylvester Graham is best known today to the public by Graham Crackers. To this day vegans, organic dietitians, and other all-natural supporters praise him by name for his views on keeping food natural and also for his anti-meat views. Few though will praise his other views or his reasonings. Graham was an avid member in the America’s anti-sex movement.

He believed that animal products like meat and milk were the cause of lustful feelings. He believed that impure thoughts were stirred through them, and any animal product would have to be had in moderation. Even spices were evil to him. He was a firm believer that masturbation was the cause of several health problems including blindness and epilepsy.

According to him, all “impure” thoughts, desires and actions were caused almost entirely by diet. His publishing was so influential that Oberlin College enforced the diet on the campus for a brief period. He would also come to work with another figure in sexual repression: John Harvey Kellogg.

John Harvey Kellogg is perhaps the most extreme in the West’s anti-sex mindset. While Tissot and Graham were more influential and publishing, Kellogg was one to enforce action on both girls and boys; some even today are living with the effects. Most know Kellogg by Kellogg’s Cereal brands. This cereal was inspired by the Graham diet, which Kellogg heavily praised and encouraged, saying that cold and grainy cereal would help to curb impure desires and thoughts such as masturbation which to him was more dangerous than incest.

His writings stated that sexual acts and masturbation were causes of some cancers, incontinence, impotence, epilepsy, dementia, and even insanity. The horror of mutilation of children can be found in his works Plain Facts for Old and Young, and Ladies’ Guide in Health and Disease.

When referring to masturbation, his “treatment” for girls and boys included tying their hands with rubber straps, chastity belts, cages over the genitals, even sewing genitals closed. Mutilation to both boys and girls was also recommended in the form of circumcision. He recommended that the operations be both painful and memorable in order to associate pain or even punishment with the idea of sex. He encouraged the doctors to traumatize the children. He recommended complete clitoral removal by means of cutting, or even by burning and dissolving with carbolic acid.

The works of Kellogg affect the West to this day. The practice of FGM can be found encouraged in medical texts as late as the 1970s as a method of curbing impure thoughts, though it mostly fell out of practice by the 1950s. Male circumcision has almost entirely fallen out of Europe and Australia, though the United States continues the practice of male cutting today.

There are still many mutilated victims of the anti-sex movement to this day, both men and women. One American victim of FGM who speaks out today: Patricia Robinett. Patricia Robinett is the author of The Rape of Innocence: Female Genital Mutilation and Circumcision in the USA. There are many women like her alive and well to this day, each with a story to tell. It is a dark reality check and a reminder that even in a “civilized” and “advanced” society, there are still horrifying and barbaric practices to be found.

She can be found in the FGM awareness groups on Facebook and also her blog. Articles, books, and websites for further reading:

Samuel-Autuste Tissot: L’Onanisme
John Harvey Kellogg: Plain Facts for Old and Young
John Harvey Kellogg: Ladies’ Guide in Health and Disease
Patricia Robinett: The Rape of Innocence: Female Genital Mutilation and Circumcision in the USA

Patricia has now made a website for information about simple yet very effective methods of releasing fear and trauma, as well as a community forum designed for peer support and coaching from professional helpers. So if you were cut or know anyone else who has been, or know a vet or someone with depression — please tell everyone. You can find it all at